Artist Bio

the drip artist sswarez

There’s something about painting that isn’t easily put into words. I’ve been doing this for ten years or so and I still get goose bumps every time I stand in front of a canvas. I came across painting quite by accident when I saw a work by Jackson Pollock and remember being frozen to the spot. If ever their was a life changing moment then that was it.

My work is often described as ‘chaos controlled’. My experience in developing a set of drip and pour techniques have allowed me to create some truly unique and inspiring works of art. Bold use of primary colours and obsessive attention to detail are trademarks of my style. The real beauty of what I do is to make apparent randomness appear controlled and precise – something that requires great control as well as technical ability. A lot of my art changes as you move towards it and then away from it again – try getting that from a painting of a vase of flowers!

I paint mainly in enamels. This means I have to paint wearing breathing apparatus due to the high level of toxicity in the fumes that come from working with these kind of paints.  No worries though – the paintings are perfectly safe once cured. I use only the finest Italian and Belgian tight-weave canvas which is primed three times before I start to paint it – this prevents paint from falling through the fibers. Enamel paints are very dense so they need a tight surface to adhere to. Likewise with the thinning agents – they have high levels of fumes when mixed with the paint so although the enamels give me exactly what I want in my paints I have to be very careful to protect my lungs and eyes.

What I make look easy is actually a carefully worked out formula for matching material properties against what I need to get from the finished piece. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect.

When you look at my work on this site I will always try to give you an honest and personal insight into each and every piece. Understanding more about each painting will help you appreciate it more and allow you to get more out of looking at it.  I am not a troubled soul, I don’t have deep hidden angst behind any of my work and I paint because of the pleasure it brings me and the growing number of people who are realizing that it can do the same for them too. No need to look to deep – just let go and enjoy.

My output goes through phases, like many artists. I try to hold one major exhibition a year which is a private, invitation only event. This is staged and funded purely by me and is an opportunity for people who would not normally see my work to get up-close and personal with some of my pieces. Why only one a year? Because it takes a year to plan and paint would you believe!

Drip painting being made