Cool No.9

As an artist the chance to explore new materials is always an exciting one. With this piece my excitement reached new heights. The arrival of clear acrylic sheeting into my world has transformed the drip painting medium into a bold, multi-dimensional art owning experience.

The traditional canvas painting has evolved into a three dimensional piece of wall sculpture as individual and uniquely expressive as you are. Using only the clearest, purest 10mm extruded polycarbonate sheets I have created a series of visually inspiring, tactile works of art that connect on so many levels, both visual and emotional.

Mounted on chromium spacers (supplied) this piece sits away from the surface of the wall allowing light to pass through the gaps in the paint, casting intricate and cohesive patterns on the wall behind – always changing, always moving, thanks to the relative changes in the movement of natural light.

This particular piece measures 1000mm x 1000mm x 10mm. It was painted in two shades of industrial gloss enamel paint using a controlled pouring method I have created. Each of the paints was thinned to achieve a characteristically dense but even flowing consistency. The application methods have resulted in a fluid and liquid finish to the piece, offering a glossy and reflective surface in which to look upon.

I chose to heavily paint certain areas and loosely paint others Рallowing your eye to work between intense, rich areas of pattern and form  and less formal, more relaxed areas where you can see through the painting to the wall area underneath. This gives a dimensional feeling to the piece.

The use of black and white allows Cool No.9 to pretty much go anywhere. If you are considering this piece for a particular area or space you may also like to know that by simply adding a flat coloured medium to the wall underneath you can completely change the way this piece of art looks in it’s setting.



2 Responses to “Cool No.9”

  1. Edward James Nixon says:

    Simply . . . . “Stunning”

  2. j.berlando says:

    very cool.

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