One of the things I love about doing what I do is when a planned piece turns out better than you had hoped for. Bloom is a great example of what I mean. Initially I had conceived a drawing based on only three colours plus the white accents, however as I started to paint I soon realized hat something was missing so I proceeded to introduce an array of subtle tones to compliment the strong green and blue shades. There are elements of conker, mauve, melon and turquoise in areas of the painting that otherwise could have been omitted from my original plan. I quite often find that the painting takes me to a place I never expected – that’s half the fun of creating – never knowing quite where you’ll end up next.

What you get with Bloom is a rich, intense and deeply vibrant painting that twists and turns and moves and spreads almost as if it was alive on the canvas. I love the fluidity of motion in this painting – the feeling that you are moving with it. The white accents in opposing corners add a tremendous sense of tension to the piece yet manage to calm the composition at the same time, adding a little gravitas by acting as a catalyst for the other elements in the painting. Without them it dies – on their own they become nothing, but put them together and you get drama, motion, fluidity, strength, tension and tranquility – all in the same painting.

This painting is substantial, measuring 1220mm x 1220mm. I use only the finest triple primed canvas to protect the paint from falling through the weave. The frame is constructed from seasoned timber bearers and measures approximately 50mm deep.


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