12 to 12 Vibe

I LOVE this painting. Fact.

It’s strange to think that I should find something angular and ordered so interesting, you might think that such a combination would leave you cold and uninterested but it would seem that’s far from the feelings you get when you look at this piece. It’s rules are elegantly simple but take patience to execute properly. Part of the reason why this is a success is down to the way I have positioned colours – far enough away from each other so as not to cause confusion or heaviness in any one part of the painting. The last thing you need is for your eye to be taken away from parts of the painting because you keep staring at one particular bit. That’s not the way I paint.

The painting actually appears (to me anyway) to be larger than the canvas it is painted on. What I mean is that because of the very bold areas of single colours the framing effect of using a square pattern give the illusion of the painting overlapping the edges therefore creating a visual spectacle of something larger than it really is.

Clever use of white and a hint of blue help to break up the rigid structure of the painting by adding a playful whimsy to key areas, helping to add some interest in to certain parts.

This painting measures 122cm by 122cm . I use only the finest triple primed canvas to protect the paint from falling through the weave. The frame is constructed from seasoned timber bearers and measures approximately 50mm deep so it is quite a substantial piece of art

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Complete with a signed Certificate of Authenticity from the artist.

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