Enzo Shuffle

I think you may struggle to appreciate the boldness of the colours in the photographs. I have this painting at home at the moment and it doesn’t matter where it goes it dominates the space completely. There is a tremendous vibrancy and depth to the simple colour scheme that allows you to get lost in a swirling cascade around all parts of the canvas. Fireworks, the surface of the sun and barbecue coals are just a few of the things my critics have told me it reminds them of. What about you? I’d love to know what you think. Again, there is much detail the closer you get into the painting. I have used a lot of paint on this piece and you can really get a sense of texture when the light hits it from certain angles (difficult to show in the close ups).

I felt compelled to create a really happy and sunny piece of drip art. Something to remind myself of those precious few days of summer we so seldom seem to have here in the UK. Like with so many of my paintings you have to get close to it to appreciate the details – and in what looks like a simple composition there is a truly remarkable level of detailing. was painted with industrial quality enamel paints.
The painting measures 146cm x 95cm and is painted onto a triple primed piece of canvas then stretched onto a bespoke 44mm timber frame. This painting was created using UNDILUTED enamel paints and therefore carries weight and texture. Due to the inherent properties of enamel paints there is an element of crazing and cracking where the canvas was stretched around the corners of the frame. This is to be expected considering the thickness of paint I applied. The face of the painting remains unaffected though.


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