Summer Jam

Modern abstract art by Seb Farrington

Summer Jam is a really upbeat and vibrant piece of abstract art. I used a very lightweight and complimentary palette of colours and enjoyed mixing some of them directly on the canvas. In many ways I wanted to demonstrate a love of being warm and show it in a painting. Though it is rare for me to offer any kind of moral standing on my work I feel that the feelings that Summer Jam gives me is accurate of the reasons why I painted it in the first place – if that makes some sense. All the colours and tones I associate with warm, sunny weather are here in abundance and I cannot help but smile and feel safe and content when I look at it.

Abstract Art Painting by Seb Farrington - original art called Summer JamAbstract Art Canvas by Seb Farrington, called Summer jam

Abstract drip art painting by the drip artist called Summer jam

Summer Jam is painted using industrial grade enamel gloss paints thinned to varying degrees of consistencies and viscosity and then applied using an assortment of tools I have created for moving paints around the canvas. In some areas I have used undiluted enamel paints to add some extra physical texture to the painting. The piece measures 1000mm x 1000mm x 38mm.


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