Prometheus is painted onto a 38mm gallery grade block canvas and measures 152cm x 91cm (60″ x 36″). He was created using oil based gloss paints individually thinned to give different characteristics. I used a number of different sized brushes to apply the strokes, working between two colours at any given time. This way I can mix directly on the canvas rather than on a palette or in a jar. I prefer to mix on the canvas as I get a more rugged and striking blend of colours rather than a uniform tonal change.

This piece has a vertical and very balanced repetition to its form. It’s packed full of intricate stroke work, has bags of personality and is rammed with subtle colour tones. As you stand back the painting looks very well balanced and regular but closer up and it gets more busy and involving.

This is what painting is all about for me – creating what is essentially two paintings in one.

The ability to mix paint ON the canvas has taken a lot of practice.

As I mainly use enamel paints in my work I am used to the drying time being very short which significantly reduces the amount of time you are able to work with the paint. I am used to having to work quickly when I apply paint but can then stop and assess the next application as the drying time is considerably less when compared to oils and acrylics.


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