The Satch

The Satch is one of those rare paintings I create that happened without any conscious thought. I got up one Sunday morning with no particular emotion or disposition and decided to go paint one of my larger canvases in the home studio. Painting at home is an intimate occasion – my home space is small by my standards, very, very messy and has more paint on the floor than on the shelves of any DIY store! Still, it’s a special place – it’s my place. Not a rented studio or unit, there is no packing area, no storage spaces, no white walls and no rules. It is my personal space. Sometimes I let people come and paint in it and they always comment on how nice it feels to be in there. I always believe that I make my best art in there and in The Satch you can see why.

Abstract Canvas Painting called The Satch
I broke with tradition on this piece by abandoning my love of drip and pour for a more formal and organized method of application. I also discarded my trusty enamels for acrylic paints. This painting began with a single oblong of silver in the middle and spread from there. Colour was always going to be the most important feature in this piece – I was careful to not overdo the palette even though I have put some unusual colours together. It works because of the way I have balanced them all together. I have to have some rules in my paintings otherwise I don’t paint well. If you look closely you can work out the rules I used (e.g. Cerulean Blue always must have Signal Red next to it etc…). There are lots of these rules in this piece. Structure is important even if you make it look abstract. That’s the key – abstracts that are pleasing to the eye are far from random applications of paint, they are planned and balanced.

This particular piece measures 2000mm x 1220mm x 50mm. It was painted using nine shades of acrylic paint.
The Satch is ready to hang.


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